My Favourite Songs: M83’s Reunion (from the album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming)


Some songs are so thrilling you wish you could lose yourself in them forever. M83’s astonishing ‘Reunion’ is one such song. It’s like driving at a thousand miles per hour down a highway of endless dreams (as the makers of this song would put it in another of their pieces) and is phenomenally exciting. It has that retro-80’s feel that they (or more specifically, M83 mainman Anthony Gonzalez) do so well, and it wasn’t until reading youtube comments that the intro does indeed sound like Simple Minds’ ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’. It really does. After you’ve listened to the whole thing once, the verses are impossibly exciting because we know what’s around the corner, and they’re mercifully brief because even the band just can’t wait to get to the incredible chorus, which is when we are hurtled full-pelt into a wind-tunnel rush of guitars, and where Gonzalez’s own vocals surrender to the sheer volume of it all and leave mere words behind, simple ‘who-oh-oh’-ing to the unstoppable avalanche of pop bliss that we’re experiencing. Seriously, this chorus is one of the best things I’ve ever heard. It sounds bloody ENORMOUS, but not, you know, bloated, flatulent or overdone. The guitars, the bass, the drums, everything is driving toward some impossible destination. It is simply one of the most ecstatic, uplifting, exciting and exhilarating depth-charges of guitar pop you will ever hear.

Just in case we go over the edge too soon, we briefly slow down to hear a woozy, slightly inaudible spoken word bit from the same teenage lost soul from the band’s previous hit, the sensational ‘Graveyard Girl’, and I still haven’t worked out just what it is she’s saying, but I know she’s just as spellbound, dumbstruck by the all-conquering power of whatever it is she’s experiencing – love, the music, this specific song….and then the chorus comes back for its mightiest explosion, leading to an ending which is just so impossibly lovely – when the vocals are left behind and all we have is this utterly heavenly synth-melody glistening through the colossal storm of sound that sounds like some celestial gate opening up above, with nothing but pure ecstasy within. The song is over way too quickly for me, but all I have to do is just put it on again…and again…and again…