Back to the Future Part III (1990) Fan Commentary

back_to_the_future_part_iiiIt’s the end, the end of the trilogy, the end of our Back to the Future commentaries – go back to the Wild West with us as we chat over the delight that is the third chapter of this fantastic series of films. We recorded this over the 2010 UK Blu-Ray (region B). Click on the link to the right to listen or download for free as an mp3 – enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Back to the Future Part III (1990) Fan Commentary

  1. I have a theory that you have sold out to the local bus company. You wait for ages then three come along at once.

    Also, spending a wet Sunday with the Back To The Future films was more fun than I expected.

    Good commentaries. Will be waiting impatiently for more.

    • It’s a good theory! We’d love to do more but there’s so many films out at the cinema that we’re spending loads of time catching up with new stuff on the big screen! We have got lots of new commentaries in mind, the next one will be appropriately scary given that it’s Halloween soon… Thanks for listening, glad you enjoyed them!

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